How to Cancel a Campaign Within the My Workplan & History Screen

If you need to cancel a campaign and are unable to do so within the Outbound Communication Status screen, then you can navigate to My Workplan & History under the Communications menu instead.


Once you're in My Workplan & History, there will be a set of filters at the top of the screen:

  • You'll need to adjust the timeframe based on when your campaign is scheduled to run. If it's supposed to run the same day you're cancelling it, then you can leave it to the default "Today." If you set the campaign for a future date, then you can select the date from the calendar.
  • You can adjust the scope by which specific template was used, if the campaign is coming from a certain banker, or you can select "Bank" for the most broad results.
  • You can choose the template type if you know it's an e-mail or postcard, etc.
  • Under the Comm Status drop-down, you'll want to select Reviewed and Approved or Pending Approval, depending on what you had chosen when setting up your campaign.

Once you've chosen your filters, click "Set List Criteria" to generate the results. In the example below, we're looking for an e-mail campaign that was approved to run today:


With our campaign listing now visible, we can click the box to the left indicating "Type" to Select All Across Pages. In our example, this will select all 532 communications. Once you've selected your communications, the Bulk Actions button will turn green.


Click on Bulk Actions and then "Remove All" to remove all of the selected communications from processing. Once you hit Remove All, a pop up window will appear to confirm the removal along with some space to optionally write any notes. Click on the blue Remove All button to complete the removal:


If you want to view the cancelled campaign, then you can search for it again but change the Comm Status from "Reviewed and Approved" or "Pending Approval" to "Removed by Employee."

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