How to Convert a Report into a Campaign


In this article, we will be talking about turning a report into an outbound campaign using an approved template. We will explore the following topics:

  • How to convert an Actionable Report into an outbound campaign
  • How to further filter your report audience using additional filters

Drilling down into customer data is something that many of our bank and credit union customers do on a daily basis. They run reports to look at everything from loan and deposit balances to birthdays. The benefit of Core iQ is that it allows you to not only gain insights quickly, but it also allows you to create unique customer segments to reach out to. That’s why many of our reports can be made into actionable campaigns with just a few clicks.

How do I use the Convert to Campaign feature on a report?

Today, we will be walking through how you can turn any Actionable Report into an outbound campaign. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be using the Birthday report to pull a list of customers to send a Birthday postcard to. Most of the reports in Core iQ can be turned into campaigns, but if you do not see the Convert to Campaign button on the left-hand navigation after running your report, then it may not be actionable.

Also, please be aware that if your ‘Reports’ tab in your main Core iQ navigation does not say ‘Actionable Reports’, then you do not have the correct privileges to turn reports into campaigns. Please take a look at our FAQ area to learn how an Admin can enable this feature on your Employee profile.

After putting in all of the relevant criteria for your report, you will end up with a listing of all individuals that fit this specific set of criteria. The next step in creating an outbound communication to these people is to click the green Convert to Campaign button. This will bring up an area that allows you to choose the template, default status, and Sending Banker for your outbound campaign. In this case, we will be sending out a Birthday postcard with a status of Pending Admin Approval.


This area also allows you to tell Core iQ to only send one communication per mailing address or email. This is especially useful if you chose to include all relationships and don’t want to send two or more postcards to the same home. In this case, since we are sending out postcards for a birthday celebration, we will want to disable this feature so that couples with the same birthdate will each receive a postcard.

How can I further filter my report results after I Convert to Campaign?

Once we have completed these items, we can click the Review Cost and Add Filters button. This final area will let you review your campaign before it is sent to your custom audience. The first section is where you can confirm the date and time that your communication will be queued up to be sent by Core iQ. Next, you will see a price estimate for your chosen campaign broken out by communication type. If you are using the Print/Email Alternative feature on your communication, then you will see an amount and cost for both templates. Below that, you will have the option to send a proof by email to anyone at your financial institution in order to gather any additional feedback. You can even send a proof to our Onovative Client Marketing team by checking the box marked ‘Include Onovative’. While we can’t speak directly to Compliance concerns, we can give you feedback on your verbiage and check for any compatibility issues that might arise.

Finally, you will be able to use the last section of this area to add additional filters to your audience. This can be used to remove individual customers (based off of their unique ID) or filter out certain age brackets. You can even use custom mapped fields that you have provided to Onovative for things like credit score or internal designation. If you are happy with your current audience, then you can skip this area.

Once you click the Finalize Now button, Core iQ will queue up your communication to be sent. We institute a minimum delay of 30 minutes to all outbound communications, so if you do find a mistake, you can quickly make an edit by navigating to the Outbound Communications Status area. Once your communication is sent, Core iQ will track the desired conversions and will provide you with detailed feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign. If you see results that are working, then we highly recommend documenting your campaign choices and creating a more regular schedule for the communication using the Target Audience and Communications area.

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