How to Add a Branch in Core iQ


In this article, we will be talking about how to create a new branch within the Admin section of Core iQ. We will explore the following topics:

  • How to know when to add a brand new branch into your Branch Network
  • What data you will need to know before adding in a new branch

How do I know when to add a new branch in Core iQ?

The simple answer to this question is that you need to add a new branch into your Branch Network in Core iQ once you see a warning that you have unmapped data. You will typically see a warning on your Core iQ dashboard stating that you have a certain number of unmapped pieces of data. These will typically be added after the nightly import, and will arise when Core iQ senses that you have new data coming into the platform from your core. This could be because you have added a new branch as a test for a future rollout, or it could be that you have new accounts coming in assigned to a previously unused branch. In any case, the dashboard notification will tell you when it is time to add a new branch into your existing Core iQ Branch Network. Changes to this area of Core iQ will be reflected in your data after the nightly import.

How do I know when to add a new branch in Core iQ?

If you are wanting to create a new branch within Core iQ, you will need to know the following things:

  1. What is the branch number that is reflected in your core data?
  2. Who will be responsible as the default Branch Manager?
    • The Assigned Branch Manager will act as the default Sending Banker for any queued communications that have an Inactive employee assigned as their Sending Banker.
  3. What Core iQ region will this branch be assigned to?
  4. Will this branch ever be referenced in any communications?
    • If this branch will be referenced in any communications through merge fields, then it’s important to fill out all contact information that might be referenced.
  5. Is this branch only used for internal purposes?
    • If this is the case, then you might want to add an Exclusion after you map the branch in order to block the branch number from reports and/or communications.

How do I add a new branch into my Branch Network?


If you have one or more unmapped branches, then you will want to go to the Branch Network section of your Admin menu. This will give you a list of the existing Core iQ branches that have already been mapped. You will then want to click the ‘Add New Branch’ button to begin creating your record for the unmapped Branch. In this area, you can fill in relevant information regarding this branch, including the address, contact information, region, and Assigned Branch Manager. Be sure to fill out as much information as possible if this is a functional branch, as this data gets populated across the system.

Make sure to assign a Region to your branch, or it will not appear in certain report drop-down menus throughout the system.

Make sure to assign a Branch Manager to this record as well, even if it's yourself. As we discussed earlier, the Assigned Branch Manager will act as the default Sending Banker if Core iQ ever attempts to queue a communication on behalf on an Inactive employee at a branch. If you ever want to use this branch for communications, then it’s important to assign a Branch Manager.

You can also choose to mark a branch as Active or Nonactive before you click Save. If there is any branch data coming in from your core to Core iQ, then you need to mark the branch as Active. Only mark a branch as Inactive if there is no longer any core-level data coming through related to that branch. Finally, you can also add Geo Mapping data (longitude and latitude) which will display on the Conversion Metrics screen maps when sending print communications.

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