How to Manage User Rights for Employees in Core iQ

Employees & Users

In this area, you are able to create individual users and employees that are a part of your banking institution and Core iQ platform. We make the distinction between users and employees because a user in Core iQ will have a distinct login and privileges within the system, while an employee will typically only have things sent out on their behalf. We recommend tracking all employees within Core iQ so that items can be sent on behalf of the most relevant staff members. To edit an individual user or employee, you will access the Edit: Employee or User area.

Edit: Employee or User

  • Active/Inactive
    • You will be able to set staff members to Active or Inactive at the top of this section. Inactive employees will be treated as if they do not exist within Core iQ, so that designation is best used for individuals who are no longer with your banking institution. Items sent on their behalf will default to the Assigned Branch Manager at their location.
  • General Information
    • Here, you can modify the individual profile details for each of your employees and Core iQ users. As with other sections of Core iQ, the more data you can include, the better. *Please make sure within the NMLS area that you create a fully qualified statement (‘NMLS# 45203’ rather than ‘45203’) so that defaults for non-existent Merge Field data do not include irrelevant information.
  • Contact Information
    • This section allows you to set the contact information for each Core iQ user and employee. This will be used for outbound communications coming from Core iQ on behalf of employees, as well as where Core iQ sends Daily Digest emails and internal communications.
      • Can Change Dashboard Preferences
        Core iQ allows users to modify the layout and format of any charts that are placed on the user’s dashboard. This toggle allows Administrators to revoke that ability from certain users if they choose so.

        Receive Daily Communication Digests
        If this feature is enabled for a given employee or user, Core iQ will send that person a summary email of all the communications they need to take care of, such as phone calls. This communication will also include the Core iQ actions that were taken on their behalf. This feature will only work correctly if your Email Internal Communications section has been correctly configured.

        Receive Immediate Referral Notifications
        If you choose to make use of our Opportunities module within Core iQ, enabling this feature will send employees any referred opportunities for them to follow up on.
  • Roles
    • These individual roles will change the initial view for different users within the Core iQ Dashboard. We are able to customize charts and information for different roles within your banking institution, so choosing the correct Roles can provide valuable content to your logged in users. The most important Role within this section is the Compliance role. Enabling this Role for a given user will allow that person to mark communications as Approved/Compliant. They don’t necessarily have to be a Compliance officer to have this role, but you want to be selective with who has this ability within your institution. Marking a communication as Compliant will tell Core iQ that it has been reviewed and is ready to be sent out.


This area will allow you to set some important, unique information for each employee, such as their personal photo and signature. These items will be used by Core iQ to populate merge fields within print communications, providing a more personal touch. Here, you can also set an employee’s Core System information and their Core iQ Network information. These will allow us to correctly tie an individual employee to their relevant Core Data, so correctly configuring this section is a must.


This is where you can set user rights and privileges within Core iQ, such as setting a user as an Administrator within the system and restricting what customer data each user has access to.

This allows you to grant or revoke Administrator rights and privileges to individual users. Administrators within Core iQ have the ability to add and/or edit employees, manage templates, and approve/edit/reject outbound communications that are queued within the system.
In this section, you can modify the access that a user has to your Core Customer Information. By granting Full Access, you allow a user to see all Core Data relating to customers at your banking institution. This is recommended for higher level users and Administrators. By granting Limited Access, you allow a user to see only the Core Data that relates to their assigned customers. Most branch-level employees will only need Limited Access to Core Data, especially at larger banking institutions. By granting No Access, you revoke all access to Core Data for a user within Core iQ. The first two levels of access can be restricted further using the other toggles in this area, which revoke the ability to see information such as Dormant Account Balances, Employee Account Balances, and Director Account Balances.
Enabling this option allows a given employee to see multiple financial institutions in the Bank dropdowns throughout Core iQ. This is typically seen in situations where our clients have multiple brands represented in a single Core iQ instance. This option is best reserved exclusively for Core iQ Administrators who need access across multiple brands within a holding company.
This section allows Administrators to set the individual abilities of employees to send communications and turn reports into actionable items within Core iQ. You are able to restrict whether an employee can send any communications at all by turning the first two toggles to NO. You can also allow employees to send only individual communications, rather than batch campaigns, by turning just the first toggle to NO.

You can also use this area to allow non-Administrators within your financial institution to edit templates and audiences. While they cannot reapprove the templates if they don’t have the Compliance role, they are still able to make them Inactive and edit them as they see fit. Once the template is ready to be reapproved, they will need to contact someone with the Compliance role checked on their Core iQ profile.
Starting in v2.2 of Core iQ, you can individually toggle the ability of any employee to view the Email/Product Offer Dashboard and the Survey Dashboard, which capture and display outcomes for communications. If this toggle is set to NO, then the dashboards will not be displayed under the Communications menu.
Here, you are able to set individual reports as restricted for certain users. This may be used to modify what a user has access to within the Core Data, or it may just be used to remove distracting information from a user’s Dashboard view.
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