Core iQ Beginners Guide - Our Implementation Process

Learning the basics in Core iQ is essential to getting the most out of the system. The following track will provide an overview of the system. While, this learning Track will walk you through three main concepts in the system - automated communication plans, communication templates, and connecting them together.

We've also pulled our guidance on the Admin area of Core iQ, as well as our How-Tos to help you get started with reports in the system. At the bottom of this page, you will find a number of useful FAQ items relating to each of the main areas of Core iQ.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please do not hesitate to turn in a Support Request form through this platform. You can find more details on how to use this platform to submit and track support tickets by reading this article: How to Use our Support Platform

Marketing Strategy Call(s) - WebEx Sessions

The first thing that we will be going over in your Implementation process is the overarching strategy that will be the focus of your Go Live event. You will meet with one of our Client Marketing team members who will guide you through thinking about your priorities in Core iQ. You will discuss marketing strategies and product focuses with someone well versed in how Core iQ can help you market more effectively. The purpose of these calls is to get you thinking about how Core iQ will fit into your current marketing plan. Our Client Marketing team members will help you draft a plan for your starting set of audiences, schedules, and templates. These will be captured in a series of documents which will serve as our guardrails for the Core iQ Implementation process. Once we have these items determined, we will be better able to help you meet your Go Live criteria and date.

Learning Objectives Essential Videos & Articles Your Next Steps
  • Understand how to achieve your marketing goals in Core iQ.
  • Plan and strategize regarding product focuses and marketing outcomes.
  • Begin to draft your set of templates, audiences, and schedules for Go Live.
  • Review the overarching plan for the Core iQ Implementation process.

Administrative Team Overview - 60-Min WebEx Training

Let's get to know the basics of Core iQ via the Admin Areas of our platform during this specialized walk through. The Admin Area is where you will manage users and settings throughout the system. We will review important settings and customization options for Core iQ that you may need over the coming months. This call is typically where certain IT Teams will want to be involved in training (if they will be maintaining certain features in Core iQ).

Learning Objectives Essential Videos & Articles Your Next Steps
  • Get familiar with the Admin Areas of Core iQ
  • Gain an overview of important settings for IT and Admin users
  • Better understand our Support workflow and where to find answers

Building Communication Templates - 60-90Min WebEx Training

Now that you've had time to talk through your Marketing Strategy, the next step is to develop the communication templates that will be assigned to audiences and schedules. You're able to send communications out from Core iQ across a variety of communication channels so there are a number of communication template types inside Core iQ. The goal of this WebEx training is to get you comfortable adding, modifying, and deleting templates on your own. We will specifically be focusing on the templates that you will need to build for your Go Live timeframe. So if you don't get training on a particular template type, that's OK. We have plenty of documentation on everything in Core iQ.

For this training, you will meet with one of our Template Specialists, who will walk you through the template types that you outlined in the document you received after the Marketing Strategy session(s). If you have rough drafts of your emails/letters/postcards/etc., then it will greatly improve this call.

Learning Objectives Essential Videos & Articles Your Next Steps
  • Understand Active vs. Inactive Templates and Template Library navigation
  • Understand how to add, modify, and delete Templates in the Template Library
  • Understand Core iQ’s Template Communication Categories
  • Understand Core iQ’s Compliance Review workflow
  • Build out initial Templates associated with Communication Plans

Building Audiences & Communication Touch Points - 60-Min WebEx Training

During this training we will work through building out your audiences and schedules in Core iQ. You should have already worked with one of our Client Marketing team members to flesh out your marketing strategy and how you might seek to achieve those goals in Core iQ. You should have been provided with one or more documents outlining each of the audiences and schedules you will be targeting for your Go Live event. Here we will be reviewing those audiences, as well as everything you will need to know in order to build them. Once you learn how to build out your first few automated communication plans, you will have the skills and knowledge to be able to build additional audiences and communication plans as you see fit. If you're lost after this call, be sure to read at least the first three articles in this section, as they outline how to create your very first Core iQ schedule. After reviewing these articles, you should be able to:

Learning Objectives Essential Videos & Articles Your Next Steps
  • Define your initial audiences in Core iQ
  • Create all touch points outlined in your Go Live schedule documents
  • Create any cross-sell priorities and touch points

Reports Training and Communication QA - 60-Min WebEx Training

Reports are the best place to look for a better understanding of the data that Core iQ is ingesting on a nightly basis. That's why this WebEx training is focused on two different results: Getting you familiar with reporting in Core iQ, and helping you understand your core import and how it relates to queued communications. Now that Core iQ is receiving data from your core and ancillary data systems on a nightly basis, you can begin queueing up active templates in Core iQ. Don't worry, they won't be sent out of the system, as you're in TEST mode.

This WebEx session is meant to give you the tools to commit ongoing checks of your created communications against your core-level data coming into Core iQ. So, before the call, please make sure that you have attempted to connect as many of your Active templates to their related touch points as possible. This will help us to more easily begin queueing items for the Quality Assurance phase of our process.

Learning Objectives Essential Videos & Articles Your Next Steps
  • Answer any lingering questions around how to activate templates and how to connect active templates to communication plans or a cross-sell priority matrix
  • Ensure that you are prepared to QA your communications against what you are seeing coming from your core into Core iQ.
  • Get familiar with Actionable Reports for point-in-time campaigns
  • View ways to find out what communications are queueing and leaving Core iQ

Important FAQs for Core iQ

The importance is in the details. That's why we have answered these important Frequently Asked Questions regarding Core iQ. While this is not an exhaustive list of all the FAQs in our Help Center, this should help answer a lot of the smaller questions that you might have starting out in Core iQ.

General FAQs Template FAQs Reports FAQs Admin FAQs
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